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Regardless of the size of your Lodge, hotel, B&B, your housekeeping staff are the backbone of your business.  Without a clean environment for your guests to reside in, the chances of repeat business diminish and bad reviews loom.  Your business will only survive if the cleaning and management of the rooms are at the highest standard. It doesn’t matter how many stars your venue has, or how large or small it is. Your housekeeping staff should be trained to the highest level of quality and care to achieve the best results.


Corporate Housekeeping Training

The purpose of training is to enable an employee to begin an assigned job or to improve upon techniques already in use. In hospitality housekeeping operations, there are three basic areas in which training activity should take place: Skills, attitude and knowledge. Edubabe offer this course to empower your staff to be the best they can be and we also touch on the importance of working within a team and how to communicate effectively.

We include:

1.       Cleaning Skills

From the actual techniques to the desired results, during the housekeeping training, we can establish a common ground for the housekeeping team.  This doesn’t mean that each housekeeper has to use the same process, but if one process is quicker than another, then we will work to find the most effective way to approach that specific skill.  We can continually learn and evolve, and the team can hone their skills during the cleaning skills section of housekeeping training.

2.       Use of Equipment & Products

Similar to the actual skills and techniques, the actual equipment and products that are being used may not be familiar to the housekeeping staff.  Even if they are familiar with the products and equipment, the way they are used can always be improved to ensure that the products and equipment are correctly maintained and have the longest life possible!

3.       Guest Etiquette & Interaction

Your housekeeping staff will most likely regularly pass guests or interact with them.  The way they react and interact with guests is key to guest happiness and their return to your hotel.  Poor interactions or lack of etiquette will greatly affect this.  During training, we can teach your staff how to understand cultural differences, how to make a first impression, and how to approach body language and etiquette.  These small and subtle changes will make a major difference to the confidence within the housekeeping team and also how they treat and interact with the guests around them.

4.       Presentation

Similar to etiquette, the way your housekeeping team present themselves reflects the brand.  From the uniform they wear to personal hygiene, these will all have an effect on guest reactions and have an impact on your brand image.  You need your housekeepers to take pride in their presentation, and they need to know why this is important.

5.       Communication

All teams no matter how small or large can improve their communication.  It may be cultural differences, or it might simply be that the process they follow to communication is different from the other person or team members.  By developing and working through staff communication, your housekeeping team will become more effective at their work, and more efficient at getting their jobs done!  Staff happiness will also improve, and this will in turn reduce staff turnover.

6.       Health and Safety Regulations of your venue / First Aid and CPR Course

This subject can be tedious but is a vital one, and engaging your housekeeping team during the training sections of this is key to them retaining the information.  During training, it can be presented in a fun and interactive way, in order for them to absorb the information and not fall asleep!  This training can literally save lives, so it’s wise and very important to regularly update and refresh.  Teaching staff what to do in an emergency and perform CPR is vital, as well as how to call the emergency services.  This First Aid and CPR course is accredited with the American Heart Association and RESUS council of Southern Africa.

The skills your housekeeper team learn and hone can be the difference between the success and failure of your company.  It’s not just about having a clean and tidy room. The finishing touches through to the guest interactions all play a major part.  If you are interested in learning more about staff training for your housekeeper team, we would love to hear from you

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